Jenny and Craigs Wedding 29/09/17


I’m not going to leave it so long next time, I do hope to write on my blog a lot more from now on. Not just about my work but about things that are inspiring me, exhibitions, art, music etc. Maybe nobody will read it, but for the few that will, I hope you enjoy it! 

Three weeks ago I got the honour of photographing Jenny and Craigs wedding and it was so so much fun! The wedding took place at the St Davids Hotel on Cardiff Bay. Such a beautiful setting, and the fact that the hotel was mostly made from glass, as a photographer it truly was a dream to photograph there rather than an extremely dark church for instance. 

I met Jenny and Craig when they came for a family photoshoot at a previous studio I worked at, with their then baby girl Lilly (who is now not so much a baby but an extremely independent beautiful little two year old!)  

My favourite part of the day had the be the entertainment. And by the entertainment I mean Lilly standing by the Registrars during the ceremony pointing to things outside trying to get Mum and Dad to pay attention to her rather than the “I dos”. 

Everyone was very helpful which is always a big thing for me shooting weddings by myself and trying to get around 100 people into positions. It’s not always the easiest thing, especially after the champagne has been flowing! However, as you can see from the group shot further down the post, it was a success! 

Thank you so much Jenny and Craig for letting me photograph your beautiful day. I’m wishing you many years of happiness as Mr and Mrs Hill! 

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